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Breathing Shelter

(A Shelter for Victims)

Unfold the Idea

Unfold (belong)


The Breathing Shelter is a prototype shelter designed to adapt to different climate conditions during disaster. It is conceived with a different approach, not knowing its site; its main feature is flexibility to its environment. The formal language used for this project is a form-finding process looking for suitable configurations that allow the building itself to be a kinetic model.


Through the use of computer devices and systems such as Grasshopper, Kangaroo and Oasys GSA, we made a virtual model of the different kind of shelters which is a blending of architecture and structures.


Its genesis is in the movement of three modules that are able to breathe independently, reacting according to interior needs. This movement allows air flow that is able to balance the interior temperatures. The model also changes its basic position depending on the season. Therefore, it interacts with airflow and has both a summer and winter mode. The summer position is when the folds are relaxed, and the opposite situation the winter shape, were the body is completely contracted to reduce the volume of space in the building, helping to keep the temperature as high as possible. In addition, when the shape is contracted the skin allows any snow to slide off of the structure.

disaster shelter design, sustainable design, breathable, deployment structure

Through its overall shape, the building can take in and exhaust air. It can therefore control both the amount and the speed of air that is needed within the building. To reduce the effort of conditioning the air, the overall building shape can reduce its volume in winter and can enlarge it in summer.


‘Deployment’ concerns not the pre-manufacture of elements but more or less pre-assembly of an entire structure in a factory and the unfurling or deploying of the structure on site. As such the building form tends towards a finite element as a complete form or a series of add-on elements.

disaster shelter design, sustainable design, breathable, deployment structure
disaster shelter design, sustainable design, breathable, deployment structure
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