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(A Shelter for Homeless People)

Unfold the Idea

Unfold (belong)


Kuala Lumpur (KL) has seen rapid economic growth in recent years and this has indirectly resulted in the increase of the cost of living in the city. To some KL urbanites who are earning meagre income and irregular income, it has become increasingly challenging even to rent a space to call a night and rest after a day’s work or activity. Many end up on the streets, living under bridges and public spaces.


Their daily needs, are sometimes provided, subsidised and assisted by the DBKL and several caring Non-Governmental Organisations, but these on-going assistance currently seemed not well structured or organised. DBKL has been providing temporary shelters in the city, but will soon not be sufficient as the number of homeless is on the rise. Various ‘Soup Kitchens’ can only do so much in providing food and other daily needs as they are merely charitable organisation that operates solely from donations and volunteers.

The main shape of the building is quite clarified in its design and holds in it the fundamental idea of equality. “In Between” shelter consists of a wall of deployable vinyl tents that erected by scaffolding. The project is designed to be modular structure that can cater up to 20 or more victims. The shelter is catergorised into 2 main zone where the ground floor is public and upper floor is private. The ground floor will be the open areas that can be converted to any otherbuilding use such as medical checkup, couselling, market and spiritual spaces within 30 minutes. The shelter structure on the upper floor can be compresed and elongated according to the needs.  The first floor will be male accommodation whereas the second floor will be female accommodation which both can be accessible by the staircase at the end of the structure.


The shelter is made of recycled material, consists of scaffolding and recycled timber. The light weight construction ease the overall modular construction in term of assembles and dismantle at any sites. Each modular shelter can cater up to 2 persons with the dimension of 2 meter by 2meter.


The great advantage of this shelter is that first set-up of basic shelter module, including its deployment and securing the structure to the ground, was done in less than ten minute. The rectangle plan and elevation of the shelter allow it to connect with other adjacent shelters, creating modular building blocks that are capable of creating endless ground architecture for use as temporary relief space.


Flexibility of layout and size creates spaces for multiple functions. The tensioning of each tent module in larger assemblies is achieved by latching one frame to the next, an advantage of the straight frame. The shelters are lined with an insulated thermal covering that is able to keep the inhabitants warm during the night as well as allow the wind ventilation and daylighting.

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