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Eco-Learning Market Centre

Unfold the Idea

Unfold (market)



/ Publication in Creative Home X Lifestyle Malaysia - Vol 151
/ Publication in The Malay Mail Newspaper - 22 March 2016 
/ Publication in Utusan Malaysia (Pelajar Malaysia Juara NPYDA 2015) - 26 March 16 
/ Straits Times Newspaper (Regional Winners Bester by Malaysian) - 27 March 16
/ The Star (Winning architecture Prize for Malaysia) - 29 March 16
/ StarMetro Newspaper - 29 March 2016
/ Architecture Malaysia - Vol 28 Issue 2/ April 2016​

AWARD:  2016 Asian Young Designer Award - Platinum Award

Design Aim


Provides recreational park and accessible green roof at every level which can educate the public on the sustainable living culture of the fishing village.


Evolving nature


The design blend into nature by creating a different intensity of figure-ground through various permeable and solid with void elements. It explores ecological design with a vision of interacting human and the existing ecological landscape together. Listen to the land and reflect the site’s history.


Design Outcome


The locals are concern about the recreational and multifunction area as Community Interactive Space.

The design aims to foster collaborative innovation through its connected network of circulation with natural environment. • The proposed circular form ensured a sense of storytelling to community. • It set the stage for the local community through idea sharing and interaction.

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