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The Void

(Eco-Living Cabin)

Unfold the Idea



AWARD:         2018 / MGBC Sustainable Eco-living cabin Design - Silver Award

Malaysia as a melting pot of culture has created a wide range of architecture up-to-date. As time goes on, high-rises have been all over the city while the cultural and sustainable aspect of the country, “Kampung” lifestyle, is diminishing gradually. Hence, eco living cabin, the “VOID” is introduced to bring back these values. Instead of addressing the issue of increasing population in the world, the “VOID” aims to nurture sustainable lifestyle for the younger generation. The design explores living cabin that can be prefabricated and installed easily at anywhere especially at the existing site.

Generally, the design is a void with open framework between public and private space so that it has the continuity to the environment. In the modern multifamily cabin equipped with market driven globalization, the void has been disappeared. Without the void, cabin or houses are the repetition of same plans. The functional space standardized the way of living. The façade becomes thin membrane dividing the public and private. Therefore, the “VOID” suggests to reconstruct diverse function of voids by prefabrication in architecture, giving depth to the façade, providing open framework for the residents to use with various purposes. Each cabin may then make up different composition suggesting a flexible and adaptable layout which eventually can suit to different user and bigger group of people.

The Void Eco-living Cabin, recycle sustanable architecture
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