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Unfold the Idea

Unfold (bamboo)


AWARD:  2012 Installation and Exhibition in XXXIIII Architectural Workshop - Champion

Growth Padi Pavilion

The pavilion is inspired by the growth of Paddy. The main objective of this pavilion is to portraits the hard work of the farmers which represented by the bamboo’s weaving method of the pavilion.


The pavilion further elaborates the elements of active and passive.

Active elements in the pavilion are represented human flow, circulation, the additive items by perception of users. Passive elements include the existing elements and negative spaces that can be found on andsite such as the building material like bamboo and recycled pallet. The combination of both active and passive elements created the contrast yet harmony ambience throughout the journey along the pavilion.


Growth Padi Pavilion

The journey through the pavilion can be broken down

into 4 main stages.


Stage 1 : Unearth where the villagers clearing the ground

                   and prepare for seeding


Stage 2: Seeding


Stage 3: Growth of the paddy


Stage 4: The harvesting process

Growth Padi Pavilion

Interpretation from the growth to experience and environment for the pavilion :


Stage 1: The floor subjected to be filled with string to show the softness of the floor


Stage 2: Interactive played with different level of height, string is connected with one another which show the jointing and connection


Stage 3: The hierarchy part where we can see the dynamic flow, movement and growth


Stage 4: The lower part emphases that journey or the product has come to the end.

Growth Padi Pavilion
Growth Padi Pavilion
Growth Padi Pavilion
Growth Padi Pavilion
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