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Co-living within Nature

Unfold the Idea

skyblox 2ndtier


Design Idea

Skyblox Co-living is meticulously design as genuinely sustainable community living space accessible to the public, utilizing prefabricated reinforced concrete construction throughout. Within each Prefabricated Unit, there are 2 to 3 individual units, each featuring ensuite bathrooms.


The housing complex will consist of three distinct blocks. Blocks A and B will serve as the housing units, while an additional block will house a spacious 2-storey common lounge.


A Sky Box

Living beyond a box is a fundamental concept of the building. The translucent panels used for the pavilion's facade allow daylight to fill the space during the day. At night, the pavilion is surrounded by light, transforming it into a beacon for the project.


The client envisions that the interior of the project has a strong bond with nature, elevating the mood of the interior to be moe warm and cheerful. The aim is to bring nature closer to the residents, allowing them to experience the nature in the cityscape. Lastly, the goal is to enhance social interaction among the residents by using the internal space.


We focus on enhancing comfort and emotional well-being creating sensory experiences, prioritizing sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. This approach has led us to develop the concept of "The Nature."


The container staircase is designed with abundant lighting, creating a bright tunnel to motivate residents and enhance their mood. During daylight hours, the staircase is bathed in natural light and benefits from cross ventilation. The black color of the staircase provides a standout contrast within the yellow container, givin g a sen se o f direction and leading the way to nature.


The upcycle staircase container is painted in a yellow color to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, creating a warm environment that evokes feelings of comfort, vibrancy, and harmony. The design is injected with a thoughtfully choice of vibrant yellow which help to instill hints of playfulness into the interior. Uplifting the users mood after a long work sessions. The design intention is to create a sense of journey through a cheerful tunnel, leading residents towards an immersive natural experience.

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